Gwendoline Pieters Peinture contemporaine

Gwendoline PIETERS


Born on September 11, 1969 in the south from France, in Provence. Its first name is additional. A short glance thrown on one of its fabrics is enough has to draw up its chart d' artistic identity. Pieters is a woman of North to the dreams of the south. The fabrics of Gwendoline Pieters reveal with force, the femininity of landscapes too many time monopolized by male brushes. Nothing again under the sun Blackcurrant, nothing of nine on the of the department of Var coasts nor in this Mediterranean countryside, this south without real space limits, evoked by Derain, Camoin, Matisse, Van gogh… Nothing again, if this n' is the small valley of Auffes, this small channel hidden in the heart of Marseilles and that of Gwendoline Pieters. Nothing again, if this n' is this roundness, this softness, these forms foolish which tear the reality of the south, deform it to substitute a truth to him that of Pieters. This artist ensures d' a soft voice which the women have of the more flexible articulations. D' where a writing fuller, rounder, softer, a layout of more sinuous brush. Thus this painting carried by the dashes of Gynécée, this female fury that l' artist n' express with vehemence qu' through its fabrics. Flirtant with surrealism, playing with the limits of l' impressionism, the painting of Gwendoline PIETERS plays with the fauvism. The colors, sharp, are based in l' amplitude of the forms, hang, and allure. Through its colors, Pieters moults its softness in aggressiveness. Then, frays with the arabesques overflowing, these conquering colors pacify, attenuate their violence, to generate an original work. Old d' forty d' years, this artist lives in Cassis, where she dreams and paints at the seaside, exposing through France and l' Europe. Its name with the accents wisigothic goes back to several generations. D' access attracted by the fashion, it realizes quickly that its artistic freedom is at the end of its brushes. She forsakes the fashion and paints the world on fabrics or the life s' slack sinuous colors.

Gwendoline Pieters

The artist at work

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